Mary Doodles

Artist. youtuber. Performer.

 Los Angeles, CA & the internet.


Hello!  My name is Mary and I Doodle.  We could leave it at that, but let’s continue. for fun. 

Like many other creatives with many other interests I found a home on Youtube.  My channel launched in 2011, featuring time-lapse videos featuring the process of my paintings and the stories they tell.  Over the years a community of Doodle Bugs have emerged.  They are fun, curious, positive beings who enjoy learning how to make their own art or just enjoy watching paint dry. 

My introduction to Youtube was through a friend and roommate who got me working as a costumer on the hit web series Epic Rap Battles of History.  Before that I was busy dropping out of film school to pursue an odd variety of jobs, sometimes working on the set of films and sometimes working with animals.  Before that I was busy growing up in the town of Northfield, MN, which had way too much access to the arts because all I did was draw, paint, make videos and act in plays.  Before that I was probably very uninteresting, seeing as I cannot remember what was going on.

Currently I live in Los Angeles with a dog I can cuddle and a man who goes for hikes.  I spend my days drawing, painting, making videos and performing live comedy.

Is it sad that not much has changed?


Snail Mail:

Mary Doodles

3520 Overland Ave

Suite A30

Los Angeles, CA 90034