Epic Roundup of the Week!

This week brought a double dose of excitement.  We could very well have overdosed on excitement if it wasn't for that mystery pizza that we ate, making us throw up on our best friend and cleansing our system.  After you rehydrate, be sure you watch some of these videos. 

My friends over at Epic Rap Battles have kicked off their new season, and guess what?! I got a bit of a cameo!  And if you have no interest in my face, I get it. You can check out the time lapse video where I create a tribute painting to the battle. 

Also, if you like a little of the behind the scenes and commentary I have two videos on MoreMaryDoodles showing just that. Scroll and enjoy!

Epic Fanart! 

Seriously. That's a lot of characters to draw!

Epic cameo of...present day?

Well, I guess technically it's history. Yeah. History.


If you like it super casual you can check out the Friday Doodle Diary (where I talk a bit about ERB), and some of my own, personal vloggery from behind the scenes.